Client Case Studies

Other Work


Designed to demonstrate elements of mastery-based learning and how it might be implemented at scale, MasteryTrack helps bring mastery-based learning to life in the classroom with features that make it quick, intuitive, and easy to use.

National Science Foundation

Commissioned by the NSF, the STEM Central web application serves as a networking resource for the broad and diverse undergraduate STEM community to share research and project information.

United Nations

UN CountryStats, for iPhone and iPad, makes it easy to compare key economic, social, environmental and other indicators for 216 countries and territories.

Khan Academy

In partnership with Khan Academy, Concentric Sky developed an open source Android app that provided students on the go with access to their account and Khan Academy’s library of over 4,000 educational videos.

Michael Moore

Built on a quick six week turnaround, Academy-Award winning filmmaker and best-selling author Michael Moore’s feature rich and scalable website was launched in time for the release of Capitalism: A Love Story.


Each year, the White House issues Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering mentoring - PAESMEM. is an online community for award recipients.

Silicon Shire

Conceptualized to promote the budding Eugene/Springfield technology community, the Silicon Shire website provides insight into the local job market and overall health of the community.

PeaceHealth Laboratories

Through collaboration with PeaceHealth stakeholders, technical and functional requirements were defined for a web application designed to replace an antiquated paper-based training and competency program.

American Park Network

Designed to help APN consolidate several disparate services, the robust back-end and extensible API provides one data source for all services while making it easy to add and update information.