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Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue is an internationally recognized fire district employing 432 firefighters in 26 stations near Portland, Oregon. TVF&R responds to nearly 50,000 incidents each year. Approximately seven out of ten calls that TVF&R firefighters respond to include emergency medical care.

In collaboration with Concentric Sky, TVF&R replaced a paper-based system with an iPad app to collect patient information in a fast-paced, on-scene environment.

First responders’ jobs are easier now thanks to a streamlined data-entry process. Purpose-built for efficiency in high-pressure situations and validated through in-field testing, the app incorporates graphical elements that replace traditional form fields, and the iPad camera can scan a driver’s license to facilitate data entry. The process of transferring information to the TVF&R database is now automated — saving significant time and improving data quality — and works with or without an Internet connection.