Client Case Studies

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Additional Work Highlights

The Learning Accelerator

Concentric Sky designed and developed MasteryTrack on behalf of The Learning Accelerator to implement the concepts of mastery-based learning and demonstrate how they could be executed at scale.

United Nations

UN CountryStats, for iPhone and iPad, is the UN’s official app-based reporting tool for comparing key economic, social, environmental and other indicators for 216 countries and territories.

STEM Central

Commissioned by the National Science Foundation, the STEM Central web application serves as a networking hub for the worldwide network of researchers working on NSF funded projects.

Khan Academy

In partnership with Khan Academy, Concentric Sky developed an open source Android app that provides students on the go with access to their account and Khan Academy’s library of over 4,000 educational videos.


Concentric Sky designed and developed an industry leading Adaptive Learning System for Peterson’s, allowing a diverse array of personalized learning products to be offered at massive scale worldwide.


Concentric Sky designed and developed a Docker integration for Skytap using Go, and built Skytap’s LTI integration with Instructure’s Canvas learning management system.


Concentric Sky designed and developed the infrastructure for Hatch - an online learning platform used in over 100 schools across Canada. Hatch gives students real time feedback, and supports formative and summative assessments as well as detailed reporting on skills attainment.

Michael Moore

Concentric Sky designed and developed the official websites and private social networks for Academy-Award winning filmmaker and best-selling author Michael Moore and his films.

Life Technologies

Beakr is Foursquare for Laboratories. This mobile-first check in app for lab experiments is supported by a robust back-end and integrations with lab equipment manufactured by Life Technologies. With Beakr, laboratory teams can collaborate on experiments while both inside and outside of the lab, and across multiple job sites.


Each year, the White House issues Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering mentoring - PAESMEM. Concentric Sky designed and built the official online community for award recipients.

Orenco Systems

Working closely with the team at Orenco, Concentric Sky was able to reimagine the UI/UX for VeriComm, Orenco’s flagship product for the remote monitoring of small-scale wastewater systems.

Silicon Shire

Conceptualized to promote the burgeoning Eugene/Springfield technology community, the Silicon Shire website provides insight into the local job market and overall health of the community - all maintained by the local community via a public API.

PeaceHealth Laboratories

Working with PeaceHealth stakeholders, Concentric Sky migrated a paper-based training system onto the web. The system is currently used to train laboratory technicians throughout the Pacific Northwest including in Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

American Park Network

Concentric Sky developed a suite of back-end services to enable the consolidation of a number of APN’s existing products. The new services - along with a robust new server back-end - power APN applications used across National Parks throughout the US.


Working with GoldMoney under a rigorous, cross-jurisdictional regulatory scheme, Concentric Sky designed and developed an iOS application and back-end to facilitate the international transfer of digital units of gold.

Santa Fe Institute

Concentric Sky developed an extensive research and collaboration platform for the Santa Fe Institute, one of the most prominent independent research institutions in the world.