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A closeup photo of a computer screen displaying code.

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Power in Python’s Hidden New

Understanding Python's __new__ feature.

A security camera is mounted on a brick wall, ivy hangs down the wall.

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Implementing WS-Security with CXF in a WSDL-First Web Service

Step-by-step guide for adding a security policy to an existing working web service.

A row of flags representing each country flap in the wind outside of the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

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Concentric Sky and U.N. Release UN CountryStats for iPhone and iPad

Concentric Sky and the United Nations released UN CountryStats, an application that charts, graphs and compares the United Nations statistical data of 216 countries.

A man and a daughter sit in their living room smiling and holding a tablet together.

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Encyclopaedia Britannica Now Fits Into an App

The forthcoming Britannica iPad app, which also is slated to appear later in an iPhone and Android version, is handsome and colorful.

A magnifying glass over a computer screen with the Java Logo enlarged.

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Emulating JRE Classes In GWT

Implementing client-side versions of JDK classes that GWT doesn’t support.

A yak with large horns stares calmly into the distance in a field.

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Tech Company Aiming High

Concentric Sky in Eugene has made applications for National Geographic and Encyclopaedia Britannica.