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An illustration of overlapping circles creates new shapes with the phrase Designing for Relationship superimposed over them.

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Designing for Relationship

New design thinking is needed as we move into the constantly connected future.

An illustration showing notes from a presentation, in the center is Digital Promise.

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Open Badges and Micro-Credentials Technical Roadmap

Defining a new endorsement extension to the Open Badges specification.

An illustration of three overlapping circles overlaid with a hexagon.

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3 Trust Principles for Building Open Badges Software

Creating a “shared language for data about achievements.”

APOD app on an Apple Watch and iPhone.

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Creating Apps for Apple Watch

Developing the Watch app for the APOD iOS app.

Several students in a computer lab smiling and looking at the computer screen.

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Partnering with Oregon Center for Digital Learning (OCDL) on the Trust Ecosystem Project

Developing technology to promote education.

A man and a woman sitting a desk with coffee and a computer. The man stares intently while the woman smiles and ponders.

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5 Steps to Know Your Target Users

Learning how to identify your target user to create better solutions.

A series of icons depicting various types of badges.

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Introduction to Open Badges

Open Badges are digital images that symbolize particular achievements, benchmarks, or experience.

A woman sits and smiles in front of her tablet computer.

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Use the 5 W’s to Create an Excellent User Experience

Understanding your users and making their lives easier.

Hands typing at a computer with code on the screen and a coffee cup to the side.

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Creating a Multipage PDF Document from UIViews in iOS

Using UIWebViews to output a multipage PDF.

A laptop computer.

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Custom Django Widget

Writing a custom admin widget can be a little tricky.

A screen displaying the words Data Migration with a loading bar in progress.

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Data Migrations with South and Django

Writing an epic-level data migration.

A man sits at a computer drinking coffee and writing code on his laptop.

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Creativity, Beauty Mingle at Concentric Sky

Named “Best. LED. Dome. Ever” by CNET News