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A walking path goes in two directions with a sign showing two arrows, one pointing left and one pointing right.

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Building Cross-Institutional Learning Pathways with Badgr

Last week at the Learning Impact Leadership Institute in Denver, the Badgr team presented a new open technical standard filling the gap left between Open Badges and other interoperability standards.

A magnifying glass sits atop a stack of books enlarging more rows of books behind.

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Submitting Evidence for Open Badges in Canvas

Evidence submission is now being used to enhance the value of badges in Canvas Courses.

A child in a bowtie next to a trophy, the trophy reaches his shoulders.

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Developer's Guide to Issuing Open Badges 2.0

Issuing badges using new features in the latest Open Badges Specification 2.0 update.

A series of hexagon illustrations fitting together showing various people and objects.

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FOCUS Community Badges for Engagement and Learning

Badges are helping FOCUS find out how staff engages in their ongoing learning program.

Two students sitting together in a computer lab smiling while looking at the screen.

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Open Badges 2.0 Profiles and Recipient Identifiers Deep Dive

Mapping badges to individuals and organizations.

The Open Badges logo overlaying an illustration of a fork in the road.

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Awarding Open Badges with 2.0: Recipient Identifiers

Improving the flexibility and power of recipient identifiers in Assertions.

A illustration of a walking path that goes in two directions with a sign showing two arrows, one pointing left and one pointing right.

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Open Pathways Connect Badges to What You Care About

Mapping the learning landscape through linked badges.

A pencil resting above a sharpener, the pencil is freshly sharpened.

Read More Competency-Based Education Portal Launches

Providing career pathways for nationally-recognized, occupational credentials.

An instructor assists a student in a lecture hall of college students reading.

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Instructure Partners with Concentric Sky’s Badgr to Offer Digital Badge Compatibility within Canvas

This partnership will allow institutions to create open badges that are compatible within the Canvas environment.

The Badgr logo overlaying a laptop.

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Digital Badges on the Open edX Platform

Enabling students to earn badges for coursework through Badgr.

A photo overlooking the U.S. Capitol Building in the distance.

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Advocating Technical Innovation

Attending ACT | The App Association’s annual fly-in conference in Washington, D.C.

The radiance dome shows a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes overlaying the night sky with trees on the horizon.

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Eugene Based Concentric Sky’s Creation Gains Notoriety Through the International Year of Light

Check out how Eugene’s Concentric Sky is celebrating the International Year of Light.