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Summer Internship Experience at Concentric Sky

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Header Image: Photo by Unsplash contributor Ben White

Early in 2018, I was approached by Juan Carlos Garcia, an MIT student studying Computer Science, about possible summer internship opportunities. Juan Carlos sent me a well written cover letter, a professional resume, and a strong justification for why he’d make a great intern. We don’t have a regularly occurring internship program, but on occasion, and for the right candidate, we’ll open our doors and make the time.

Juan Carlos expressed an interest in the education work we’re involved with and was especially interested in contributing to Badgr, our open platform for issuing digital credentials. We offered Juan Carlos a position on our Badgr Team for the summer and we’re glad we did. Juan Carlos contributed code and ideas to Badgr, and the team appreciated the fresh perspectives he offered. His last day was earlier this week, so we thought we’d post this story, from his perspective, about his summer with the Badgr team.

"My internship with the Badgr team at Concentric Sky this summer gave me the opportunity to explore and learn web development as a software developer on a team with passionate individuals. Having never written a line of web development code prior to the start of the summer, I can now say that I am well versed in the Django and Django REST Python frameworks as well as comfortable with working in TypeScript, HTML, and CSS. It was at first challenging to digest a whole website’s worth of code that was foreign to me, but I’m grateful to take away from this internship the skill and knowledge necessary to deploy a website. Whenever a confusion or block in my workflow did surface, the senior developers on the team were only a message or desk away from helping me out.

My undergraduate studies have been deeply theoretical so I see shipping code to a real industry website as a milestone in my career. It is exciting that I can go to my web browser and see the effects on a website from code that I wrote. This internship also gave me insight into what working in the software industry is like. By participating in team meetings I was able to observe how differing roles on a team come together to form a successful product.

Working as a web developer at Concentric Sky for the summer has equipped me with more tools in my technical bag and has allowed me to engage with real product development in a way that I have not been able to in my years at MIT."

 - Juan Carlos Garcia

Thanks for spending some time with us this summer, Juan Carlos, and thanks for your contributions to Badgr. We hope you have a great senior year!