Concentric Sky and U.N. Release UN CountryStats for iPhone and iPad

A row of flags representing each country flap in the wind outside of the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

Concentric Sky and the United Nations today released UN CountryStats, a free data visualization tool for iPhone and iPad. The application charts, graphs and compares the United Nations statistical data of 216 countries.

UN CountryStats includes information from the United Nations World Statistics Pocketbook 2010. With this interactive tool, users can access dozens of different statistics on a country's society, economy, environment and more. Graphs show a statistical comparison of up to three nations, and can be saved as favorites for quick future reference. Much of the data includes records for past years, providing an easy way to visualize changes over time.

Cale Bruckner, Concentric Sky's vice president of technology, said UN CountryStats is a great example of an application that has successfully added an extra dimension to data that was previously published in a very two-dimensional way.

"Having the ability quickly compare over 200 countries on a wide range of indicators makes the data a lot more interesting and attracts a new audience," Bruckner said.

Bruckner and Project Designer Adam Barton worked with Steve Slawsky, Manager of Digital Development and Systems for United Nations Publications. Slawsky's team provided the concept and data, which Concentric Sky used to develop the mobile application.

The iTunes App Store recently featured UN CountryStats in its “New and Noteworthy” list. A leading iOS developer, Concentric Sky has created mobile applications for Encyclopedia Britannica (Encyclopedia and Britannica Kids series), the World Bank (World Bank: Doing Business at a Glance) and National Geographic (GeoBee).

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