Kim Hammond //

Building Cross-Institutional Learning Pathways with Badgr

A walking path goes in two directions with a sign showing two arrows, one pointing left and one pointing right.

In May 2017 at the Learning Impact Leadership Institute in Denver, the Badgr team had the opportunity to present our work on a new open technical standard called Open Pathways. This new standard fills a gap left between Open Badges and other interoperability standards such as IMS Global’s Extended Transcript. It gives organizations a new way to make their badges valuable by describing how those badges relate to other digital credentials as part of a learner’s lifelong learning journey.

A screenshot of the Pathways application showing interconnected nodes of badges.

While the idea of a learning pathway is not new, using Open Badges from multiple sources to create discoverable pathways linked directly to outcomes is revolutionary. In addition to the open data model that backs the new standard, the Badgr team has created an easy-to-use editing and pathway visualization tool within Badgr to simplify the process of creating learning pathways and tracking learners’ progress.

To address the demand for information on this new standard and how it can be leveraged by existing badging programs, we’ve organized a Webinar to explore Open Pathways in Badgr and explore a few real-world use cases.