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Concentric Sky Supports Apprenti Workforce Program

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Talent is, by far, Concentric Sky’s most valuable asset. Like all companies in our sector, our success hinges on our ability to attract and retain that talent. That’s why Concentric Sky became one of the first Oregon companies to support the Apprenti program, the nation's first registered tech apprenticeship program.

Apprenti is an industry recognized, state and federally accredited program that was created in Washington. Apprenti trains future tech workers with an emphasis on underrepresented groups including women, minorities and veterans. In Washington, Apprenti successfully placed 100 apprentices into jobs at companies like Amazon and Microsoft. Late last year, Apprenti announced that would expand into Oregon, Michigan, and California.

Cale Bruckner signs a document with Governor Kate Brown surrounded by a group of applauding people.

Cale Bruckner, President Concentric Sky, with Governor Kate Brown, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis, and other community leaders at the Apprenti signing event in December.

When we were first introduced to the Apprenti program, we immediately saw its potential to affect positive social change in our community. By creating pathways for underrepresented groups to gain training, certifications, and placement in the tech industry; Apprenti is making some of the best paying jobs in Oregon available to Oregonians that have struggled to get the necessary training required to take on an entry-level tech job. Oregon tech employers (including Concentric Sky) have been struggling for years to find the talent needed to fuel their growing businesses. The Apprenti apprenticeship program gives Oregon tech employers a way to play an active role in solving this problem; creating a 21st century workforce by providing training to the people that are available now, for the jobs that are available now.

Apprenti, along with local partners Lane Workforce Partnership and the Technology Association of Oregon, hope to start training the first group of Apprenti apprentices in March. Concentric Sky has agreed to be one of the first Oregon companies to take on an Apprenti apprentice. The goal for year one is place 10 apprentices in Lane County tech companies.

We’re proud to be one of those companies - so much so that we’ve also stepped up to help develop the curriculum and training programs that will be used to train the Apprenti apprentices. We’ll be using our expertise in the industry to help improve outcomes and to provide support for the apprentices going through the program.

You can learn more about Apprenti, or apply for an apprenticeship, on the Apprenti website. Join us in supporting this innovative and proven workforce development program.