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Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem

Our award-winning proposal to build a future where students truly own their own data.

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Experience Oregon Tech, The Elevate Edition

Education is in our DNA at Concentric Sky. You can see it in our work, our company culture, and in how we invest.

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Concentric Sky Supports Apprenti Workforce Program

Talent is, by far, Concentric Sky’s most valuable asset. Like all companies in our sector, our success hinges on our ability to attract and retain that talent. That’s why Concentric Sky became one of the first Oregon companies to support the Apprenti program, the nation's first registered tech apprenticeship program.

A pencil resting above a sharpener, the pencil is freshly sharpened.

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HigherEd.org Competency-Based Education Portal Launches

Providing career pathways for nationally-recognized, occupational credentials.

An instructor assists a student in a lecture hall of college students reading.

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Instructure Partners with Concentric Sky’s Badgr to Offer Digital Badge Compatibility within Canvas

This partnership will allow institutions to create open badges that are compatible within the Canvas environment.

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Advocating Technical Innovation

Attending ACT | The App Association’s annual fly-in conference in Washington, D.C.

The radiance dome shows a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes overlaying the night sky with trees on the horizon.

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Eugene Based Concentric Sky’s Creation Gains Notoriety Through the International Year of Light

Check out how Eugene’s Concentric Sky is celebrating the International Year of Light.

Several students in a computer lab smiling and looking at the computer screen.

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Partnering with Oregon Center for Digital Learning (OCDL) on the Trust Ecosystem Project

Developing technology to promote education.

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Creating a Multipage PDF Document from UIViews in iOS

Using UIWebViews to output a multipage PDF.

A man sits at a computer drinking coffee and writing code on his laptop.

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Creativity, Beauty Mingle at Concentric Sky

Named “Best. LED. Dome. Ever” by CNET News

A row of flags representing each country flap in the wind outside of the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

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Concentric Sky and U.N. Release UN CountryStats for iPhone and iPad

Concentric Sky and the United Nations released UN CountryStats, an application that charts, graphs and compares the United Nations statistical data of 216 countries.

A man and a daughter sit in their living room smiling and holding a tablet together.

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Encyclopaedia Britannica Now Fits Into an App

The forthcoming Britannica iPad app, which also is slated to appear later in an iPhone and Android version, is handsome and colorful.

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Tech Company Aiming High

Concentric Sky in Eugene has made applications for National Geographic and Encyclopaedia Britannica.