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A series of hexagon illustrations fitting together showing various people and objects.

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FOCUS Community Badges for Engagement and Learning

Badges are helping FOCUS find out how staff engages in their ongoing learning program.

Two students sitting together in a computer lab smiling while looking at the screen.

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Open Badges 2.0 Profiles and Recipient Identifiers Deep Dive

Mapping badges to individuals and organizations.

The Open Badges logo overlaying an illustration of a fork in the road.

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Awarding Open Badges with 2.0: Recipient Identifiers

Improving the flexibility and power of recipient identifiers in Assertions.

A illustration of a walking path that goes in two directions with a sign showing two arrows, one pointing left and one pointing right.

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Open Pathways Connect Badges to What You Care About

Mapping the learning landscape through linked badges.

The Badgr logo overlaying a laptop.

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Digital Badges on the Open edX Platform

Enabling students to earn badges for coursework through Badgr.

An illustration of overlapping circles creates new shapes with the phrase Designing for Relationship superimposed over them.

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Designing for Relationship

New design thinking is needed as we move into the constantly connected future.

An illustration showing notes from a presentation, in the center is Digital Promise.

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Open Badges and Micro-Credentials Technical Roadmap

Defining a new endorsement extension to the Open Badges specification.

An illustration of three overlapping circles overlaid with a hexagon.

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3 Trust Principles for Building Open Badges Software

Creating a “shared language for data about achievements.”

APOD app on an Apple Watch and iPhone.

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Creating Apps for Apple Watch

Developing the Watch app for the APOD iOS app.

A man and a woman sitting a desk with coffee and a computer. The man stares intently while the woman smiles and ponders.

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5 Steps to Know Your Target Users

Learning how to identify your target user to create better solutions.

A series of icons depicting various types of badges.

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Introduction to Open Badges

Open Badges are digital images that symbolize particular achievements, benchmarks, or experience.

A woman sits and smiles in front of her tablet computer.

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Use the 5 W’s to Create an Excellent User Experience

Understanding your users and making their lives easier.