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Open Badges Backpack 2.0

We’re pleased to announce the Open Badges Backpack 2.0.

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Blockchain image. Man pointing at blocks in a chain.

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Is Blockchain Ready for Prime Time in Education?

With companies large and small racing to lock-in early market share around their blockchain solutions, it can be hard to understand what they are actually trying to sell you. This article aims to help you cut through the hype.

Two women in dark blue outfits stand in front of a bright yellow metal wall, they are looking down at something together.

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LRNG + Badgr: Unlocking Opportunity Through a Shared Digital Backpack

With the evolution of learning, comes a sense of urgency to start recognizing learning that happens outside of the classroom.

An illustration of a man and a woman both speaking the words Modular Design.

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Modular Design

Modular Design is how Concentric Sky empowers designers and developers to work together using a shared language and methodology. This leads to shorter design cycles and easier-to-manage design systems.

A perspective shot showing a wall of bright red lights disappearing into the distance.

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Can Education Keep Up with Technology?

The pace of technological change calls for changes in how higher education represents — and how employers use and understand — student learning and competency.

A well-dressed child reading a book with a look of amazement.

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Summer Internship Experience at Concentric Sky

Early in 2018, I was approached by Juan Carlos Garcia, an MIT student studying Computer Science, about possible summer internship opportunities.

Two adolescents, one younger and one older, sit closely and perform a science experiment with beakers and magnifying glasses.

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The Changing Landscape of Credentialing in Education

The way that we assess learning achievements is changing. Our current system of grouping learners into age-banded classes and ranking their performance using broad, letter-grade categories is becoming increasingly outdated.

A screenshot of the Pathways application showing interconnected nodes of badges.

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Introducing Badgr Pathways

We’ve Reimagined the Learning Pathway

A woman's hands at a desk using a keyboard and mouse.

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Why Do Open Technology Standards Matter in Education?

What are open technology standards? A great example of open technology standards is the Internet.

An illustration of a man walking along a map, a giant pencil erases the paths of the map presenting a new path for the man.

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Creating an Open Pathway for the Next Generation of Learners

Thanks to massive changes in the job market, traditional methods of preparing learners for the workforce and assessing their career readiness are at a crossroads.

A walking path goes in two directions with a sign showing two arrows, one pointing left and one pointing right.

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Building Cross-Institutional Learning Pathways with Badgr

Last week at the Learning Impact Leadership Institute in Denver, the Badgr team presented a new open technical standard filling the gap left between Open Badges and other interoperability standards.

A magnifying glass sits atop a stack of books enlarging more rows of books behind.

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Submitting Evidence for Open Badges in Canvas

Evidence submission is now being used to enhance the value of badges in Canvas Courses.

A child in a bowtie next to a trophy, the trophy reaches his shoulders.

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Developer's Guide to Issuing Open Badges 2.0

Issuing badges using new features in the latest Open Badges Specification 2.0 update.